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Residency Information:
Do you now or have you live(d) in North Dakota?

Fee Payment Information:

Are you participating in any third party arrangements to pay your tuition and fees?  
(i.e.-military tuition assistance, voc rehab, job service, etc.)

Your collaborative request will NOT be accepted if you are not registered for a WSC course.

Please do NOT submit a request until after you have registered for your WSC courses
By checking YES, I understand that collaborative credits are NOT included in the tuition and fees cap at WSC and that the tuition and fees owed for this course will be above and beyond my tuition and fees at WSC.

I have read and understand all criteria and deadlines as presented on this page. I certify that all statements in this registration are true to the best of my knowledge. I also authorize WSC to e-mail my Campus Connection ID # (EMPLID) to the provider campus I have chosen. This is just a request and I understand that my registration is not completed until I receive confirmation from the provider campus.
If you check NO, your request will not be reviewed or processed.

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